Minnesota Home Wooden Shelf and Table Topper
Minnesota Home Wooden Shelf and Table Topper



Size:  22" x  7" x 2" 

Weight: 3 lbs

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We have a saying: "Cold but happy." That saying has absolutely nothing to do with this sign. It just describes how we feel about living here 6 months out of the year, which is why keep on staying! Minnesota is HOME. Instead of telling people how passionate we are about Minny, we just hang this above our door and let it do the talking. Goes great above any threshold or on a book shelf.


Home: Natural Birch (Beige)

Backboard: Jacobean (Dark Brown), Provincial (Medium brown), Pickled Oak (LightBrown), Classic Gray (Gray)

Frame: English Chestnut (Medium Brown)


Pine and birch wood.

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